Millions of dollars are spent and given annually to pay for buildings that are only used a few times a week. Men who have no desire to know Truth stand up in front of a crowd for 30 minutes a week and might give a sermon that has some truth, but many times false assumptions and false ideologies are stated and overlooked because of already existing presuppositions and biases that prevent these men from seeking what is True over preserving their Traditions. My desire is to wake up those sleeping and to warn those who think they know the Messiah, but whom He will deny when they stand before Him on the Day of Judgment:


Matthew 7:13-28

The Bride of the Messiah are those who seek the truth, who obey YHWH and who never stop seeking and dying to their own false beliefs.

If you desire to know what is True then join us, if you don't, then don't, but only you are responsible for your decisions!


We currently have been meeting in a home in order to study the Bible, however I want to do more than that! I want to reach out to the community and wake people up to the possibility that they have inherited traditions as truths. Our goal is simple! We desire to seek Truth even if it means eliminating those traditions that we have held onto since our youth. We desire to seek YHWH in ALL His Glory and to make disciples, not just spectators. We desire to prepare the Bride to meet the Bridegroom and Worship in both Spirit AND Truth! Fill out the form below so that we can plan to meet in a place large enough to accomodate us! Thank you and no matter what, seek Truth!!!

Meet With Us!

We are currently meeting on Saturdays at 2pm!

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