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Most Non-profits will go to an area that is stricken with poverty and will give handouts. Our goal is to give a way out. Instead of giving people a fish, we desire to teach them to fish. In doing so they will build more than just a life for themselves and their families. They will build self-confidence, respect and appreciation for those things that you and I tend to take for granted. This is our goal and we plan on doing so with integrity and all the passion we can gather.

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The Scripture is clear, "if a man does not work, he shall not eat." Even in the Old Covenant Scriptures (Old Testament) farmers were commanded to leave the edges of their fields in order for those who were poor to be able to work to gather grain for food. Our ideal is based on this principal.

We desire to honor the Father of Scripture by helping the poor, fatherless and widows in their distress. This is my only desire and I will be contributing myself through the landscaping company that I own. If you would like to be a part of changing the world then please consider donating whatever amount you are able to donate for the support of this mission. I don't expect anything from you and only donate if it is the desire of your heart to give. If you are unable to support us financially, even with a $5 donation, please pray for this ministry and all who it will affect. Pray that we will be wise and yet gentle and that we would spread love, truth, and peace. Pray that we would imitate the Father and the Son for His glory and not our own.

Thank you and may the Father bless those who are His!!!


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